At FHD, our approach to interpretation is to play to the strengths of each medium. To put the objects you can only experience in person just a few inches away from your face. And to add more depth of interpretation than would ever be possible from interpretive panels with robust digital methods proven to hold up to the rigors of daily use.

The form the augmentative interpretation takes is different for every project. And we ask the question every time whether the additional complication of technology is worth it. But we don’t shy away from more modern forms of interpretation when the answer is resoundingly “yes, it’s worth the cost.”

WSU Pizza Hut Museum - Push button video player
We love simple push button or touchscreen video to add layers of story in a small space.
Chisholm Trail Traveling Exhibit - Video projector element
Sometimes large projected videos are the best option.
WSU Pizza Hut Museum - QR code interactive element
At other times we connect with the supercomputer in everyone’s pocket.

In every case, it is designed to simply work. We hate nothing more than broken interactives.

If you’ve got a story to tell, chances are you want to engage your visitors in the most effective way possible. We understand the desire. And we can’t wait to help you figure out the most engaging ways to communicate with all your audiences.