The Bison: Amerian Icon traveling exhibit - view of the full exhibit in museum

The Bison: American Icon

The bison inhabits a key symbolic place in the American imagination. When Mid-America Arts Alliance wanted to take a miniaturized version of a much larger exhibit about the bison on tour, Flint Hills Design provided the vision and know-how to make the exhibit portable, durable and flexible for travel long distances to tight spaces without losing its impact.


Bison: American Icon traveling exhibit

In collaboration with Kauffman Museum and the National Endowment for the Humanities, Flint Hills Design created a traveling exhibit using lightweight, easy-to-ship components flexible enough to be arranged coherently in a wide variety of exhibit spaces. The greatest challenge? Designing crates that could be converted into exhibit displays after unpacking, so that smaller museums didn’t need to worry about storage space. Innovative design, durable materials and a deep understanding of content lead to a truly unique and powerful exhibit dedicated to an American icon.

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