The Art of Voting exhibit set up along a sidewalk.

The Art of Voting

Project Description

To mark the 150th anniversary of the 15th Amendment’s ratification, Humanities Kansas approached us to design and fabricate six identical pop-up exhibits within a tight timeline. Using Upland® Waymaker sign bases with some slight modifcations, we were able to quickly assemble an exhibit that feels at home indoors or outdoors.

Upland Exhibit Systems sign bases packed in a FedEx freight shipping crate
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Enhancing the Exhibit

The challenge for this project was space – not the venue, but the shipping method. Each set of the exhibit needed to fit into a standard FedEx freight box which had room for six sign bases and the flag. This meant we had a hard limit on interpretive surfaces, with more than enough content to fill it.

The Digital Aspect

Because the artwork was a unique aspect of this exhibit and helped to provide modern context to the history of the 15th Amendment, we wanted to provide more background content.

Both artists recorded audio tracks talking about the process and meaning behind their works. To make these available to visitors, we decided to build a simple web-based platform that would host the audio content. We settled on mounting QR codes onto the panels directly allowing visitors to scan the code and listen from their phone.


We used our in-house CNC machine to route the elements of the QR code out of a layered composite making it very durable. We devised a process and tooling to produce the QR codes and mounted them directly to the interpretive surfaces.

Why not just print the codes?

Printing the codes directly to the panel or creating stickers was the obvious solution. However, we wanted to explore the process of creating these codes and fabricating them ourselves.

In the future, we’re anticipating using this process to add digital interactive components to existing exhibits or displays without the costly process to redesign or rebuild.

Scanning QR code in exhibit
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