Seasons of the Nuche: Transitions of the Ute People

Seasons of the Nuche: Transitions of the Ute People is an award-winning exhibit designed by the Aspen Historical Society with input and support from Ute tribal members. Illustrated primarily through a seasonal context, the exhibit features the traditions and history of the Ute People, as well as the detrimental effects of European westward expansion.

After being on display for three years, the Aspen Historical Society wanted to make this story more accessible by converting it into a traveling exhibit. Using Upland Exhibit Systems products and working closely with the Aspen Historical Society, Flint Hills Design provided the graphic design and graphics production necessary to adapt the original content into a traveling format.

Exhibit photo

Custom Tipi Display

In addition to the standard Upland Exhibit Systems products, Flint Hills Design also designed and fabricated a custom “tipi” element. Younger (or adventurous!) visitors will discover some hidden content on the inside of the tipi, making this a centerpiece to an already engaging exhibit.
Ute Exhibit - Tipi display element
Ute Exhibit - Tipi display detail

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