Flint Hills Design - Pike's Peak Hill Climb Museum

Pikes Peak Hill Climb Experience

Since its first running in 1916, the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb has become one of America’s most beloved and iconic automobile races. So when the El Pomar Foundation of Colorado Springs decided to build a museum on the campus of the historic Broadmoor hotel to commemorate the Hill Climb, they wanted to create an experience as unique and exhilarating as the race it celebrated.
PPHC Museum Exhibit Ramp

PPHC Museum Artifact Detail

In collaboration with CSNA Architects and Kauffman Museum, we worked to design an immersive space that embodied the cultural and historical significance of the Hill Climb. Using a ramp shaped to emulate the Pikes Peak Highway, visitors ascend through the museum, encountering historic automobiles, gathering historical and scientific information, and experiencing the unique flavor of the race up America’s Mountain along the way. From the colors on the walls to the copy accompanying the artifacts, we worked to shape the space in a way that authentically captures the spirit of the Pikes Peak Hill Climb, past, present and future.

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