Next Element

For the past year, Next Element has made a major push to position themselves as thought leaders in the world of organizational and interpersonal communication. With their industry’s biggest conference and tradeshow looming, Next Element asked Flint Hills Design to engineer and fabricate a tradeshow booth that would draw attention, break down easily and provide cost efficiency.

In order to meet this challenging brief, we utilized and customized LEK exhibit hardware from Upland Exhibit Systems, our in-house brand of museum components. The strength, flexibility and lightweight quality of LEK frameworks served as a foundation for our design, which covered a 20’ footprint and stood 14’ high.

A few days after FHD delivered the finished tradeshow booth, Next Element won the Best Newcomer award for their tradeshow booth. Their booth got consistent traffic, and the LEK system allowed them to set up, break down, and work side by side with union members to get in and out of the exhibit hall in no time.

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Next Element tradeshow booth A 20x20 tradeshow booth concept for Next Element, built with Upland’s LEK framework components
We didn’t limit our design to the physical; FHD’s in-house video and motion graphics producer designed a video to explain Next Element’s offerings in a distinctive and powerful way.