GW Frank Museum - Tuberculosis exhibit

GW Frank Museum

In the 125 years since it was constructed in Kearney, Nebraska, the expansive GW Frank house has served as a family home, a sanatorium, an administrative headquarters, and now, as a museum on the campus of the University of Nebraska at Kearney. But despite its rich and varied history, until recently interpretation at the GW Frank Museum of History and Culture focused solely on the builders and owners of the house, who only lived in the building for fourteen years before going bust and moving elsewhere. Leadership and staff at the GW Frank Museum felt the time had come to tell the rest of the story of this crucial piece of Kearney history, focusing particularly on the role of the house as sanatorium and headquarters for the Nebraska State Hospital for Tuberculosis for sixty years.

For the exhibit “The White Plague Comes to Kearney: A History of the Nebraska State Hospital for Tuberculosis,” the GW Frank Museum partnered with Flint Hills Design to design, fabricate, and install an exhibit that would occupy two newly refurbished rooms in the historic house. We used Matfield pedestal rails from Upland Exhibits (FHD’s brand of off-the-shelf exhibit components and systems) as an elegant and cost-effective way to put the museum’s content front and center. We designed for clarity and impact, looking for ways to embody the spirit and culture of an institution that spanned six decades, telling the story of the patients, doctors, nurses, and staff through picture and design as well as words.

GW Frank Museum - Upland Pedestal Rail
GW Frank Museum – Tuberculosis exhibit featuring customized Upland Matfield pedestal rails

GW Frank Museum - wall-mounted info panels
Wall-mounted interpretive panels
GW Frank Museum - Upland Pedestal Rail
Upland Pedestal Rails
GW Frank Museum - historic GW Frank house
Historic GW Frank house