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Discover Exoplanets

If anyone knows about the importance of traveling light and packing up safe for a bumpy journey into unknown territory, it’s NASA. This time, the challenge wasn’t to load up a rocket for a trip into space, but to design and fabricate a pair of traveling exhibits about NASA’s continued search for and discovery of exoplanets. The Space Science Institute of Boulder, CO, working on behalf of NASA and the National Center for Interactive Learning, chose Flint Hills Design to help them realize their vision.

Space Science Institute staff envisioned two exhibits that would travel to a particular community. One exhibit would be set up at a museum; the other, at a local library. The two institutions would partner to cross-promote one another and share programming. The challenge? To produce exhibit components that would engage and excite visitors, stand up to the rigors of hard use and rough travel over a years-long exhibition schedule, and minimize storage requirements for hosting institutions.

Discover Exoplanets exhibit - constellations interactive

FHD’s ten years of experience in crafting traveling exhibits, combined with the flexibility and affordability achieved by building on Upland Exhibit Systems frameworks, provided the Space Science Institute with the answers they needed. The team elected to utilize Upland frameworks that featured shipping containers that turn into exhibit components, minimizing the amount of space that hosting institutions would have to commit in order to book the exhibit.

FHD fabricated and customized the Upland exhibit components and interactive elements, produced and finished graphics, and installed the exhibit in Pueblo, CO. Discover Exoplanets is off on its journey, bringing the joy and wonder of space science to communities far and wide.

Discover Exoplanets

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