Bandits & Heroes, Poets & Saints traveling exhibit: view of exhibit setup

Image from Bandits & Heroes, Poets & Saints is part of NEH on the Road, a special initiative of the National Endowment for the Humanities, and adapted and toured by Mid-America Arts Alliance

Bandits & Heroes, Poets & Saints

Mid-America Arts Alliance partnered with Flint Hills Design to craft a traveling version of BANDITS & HEROES, POETS & SAINTS – Popular Art From the Northeast of Brazil, which explores the history, culture and traditions of this little-known geographic region through art, poetry and song. 

M-AAA needed to deliver this important content to as many varied institutions as possible through the NEH On the Road program. Flint Hills Design engineered a brand new traveling exhibit system called the Chase Framework, built to hold up to five years of hard travel, flexible enough to fit into a variety of different spaces, all without any extra packing crates left to take up space in museum storage spaces.

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NEHOTR Bandits and Heroes Traveling Exhibit 

Bandits & Heroes Traveling Exhibit

Bandits & Heroes Traveling Exhibit