Dovetail Websites for Churches

Dovetail: How the Church and the Web come together

We've been working with non-profit institutions from the beginning, and are always proud to support causes we believe in. If you've made it your life's work to help others, we'd love to hear your story and see if there is anything we can do to help.

Our websites for non-profits aren't free, but depending on our workload we are often able to offer non-profits major discounts on many of our professional services. If you've got an idea you'd like support for, come talk to us. If nothing else, you'll have a chance to educate a few more people about your cause!

Dovetail Websites

Made for Churches

We designed this system from the ground up specifically for faith-based organizations. Our custom content management system has everything your church needs.

Seamless Sites

Whether you’re a newcomer to working on the web or an old hand looking for an elegant system to work your magic, Dovetail’s system is tiered to fit your abilities and potential.

Built to Last

Like fine carpentry that uses dovetail joints, the Dovetail content management system is both maintainable, upgradable and reliable.

Outstanding Support

In addition to hosting your site with nightly back-ups, we help maintain and improve your site. If you ever have a question, we're only a phone call away!

Responsible Stewardship of Resources

Dovetail sites are different. By developing a custom content management system that includes monthly maintenance and updates, Dovetail sites actually improve with age.

Dovetail Websites

Churches, cathedrals, synagogues, mosques: the physical places where people of faith gather often have a timeless quality. The older they get, the better they are. Not so with digital space.

Typical church websites degrade over time, becoming less functional and effective until the breaking point, when the plate is passed to fund expensive redesigns.

Let’s Build Something Together...

A Measured Approach

Your church has unique needs, skills and strengths. Working side by side with you, together we’ll create a digital space shaped specifically for your congregation.

Firm Foundation

Dovetail is built on WordPress. That means you’ll have access to the best, most reliable tools built for the web.

With You All the Way

With Dovetail, the conversation doesn’t end when your website goes live. From updates and upgrades seamlessly folded into your site, to one-on-one service for those tricky situations, we are here for you. We built this together, and we built it to last.

Add On Anytime

Your website should grow with your congregation. Deciding to add a feature, or freshen the look of your site? With the Dovetail system, upgrades and alterations are easy and affordable.

Here are a few church related website projects:

Our Dovetail websites for churches come with these standard features:

  • Website Watchdog
  • Fast Hosting
  • Support
Want to hear more about our church websites? Start the conversation!