Harper Industries home pages for DewEze, Turf, and umbrella site

Harper Industries

Harper Industries came to Flint Hills Design with a problem: though they are the parent company for pioneering companies in bale bed, hydraulics and turf management equipment fields, their web presence didn’t reflect their innovative spirit, industry-leading technology and redesigned brand structure. How do you design a family of websites that promotes the unique capacities of each of Harper’s divisions, but also communicates the shared values and history of the the family of brands?

Flint Hills Design created three separate websites for Harper Industries, Harper Turf Equipment and DewEze, carefully crafting a design language flexible enough to encompass the various capacities of each divisions but distinctive enough to communicate the personality of the Harper Industries umbrella brand.

Harper Industries timeline

Harper Industries backend illustration
The greatest challenge, however, was not the customer-facing design. FHD was tasked with creating a backend management system that would allow Harper employees to easily manage dealer resources, product uploads, news and events and web updates, all drawn from a centralized database.

To that end, we crafted a backend that would store and deliver all of Harper’s web content, as well as an intuitive management interface for Harper staff to quickly and painlessly get online content where it needed to go.

Harper Industries calendar

We also worked with Harper to develop collatoral for their divisions, including marketing campaigns, advertising and promotional materials. FHD applied Harper’s recently sharpened brand standards across digital and physical media, which allowed the various divisions to present a unified front to their many audiences.

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