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A History of Walls: The Borders We Build Traveling Exhibit

The exhibit A History of Walls: The Borders We Build explores five significant historic walls built by nations for various reasons. From Hadrian’s Wall to the Great Wall of China, from the Berlin Wall to the wall along the US-Mexico border, A History of Walls explores the history of and meaning behind these imposing infrastructural elements.What were/are these walls meant do?

What did they mean in the beginning, and what do we understand them to mean now?

How have people interacted with these walls?

And what roles will walls play in our shared future?

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Exhibit Floorplan
A History of Walls Traveling Exhibit FloorplanEXHIBIT FEE  $7,500
DURATION  7 weeks
SQUARE FOOTAGE  Approx. 1,000 ft2

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Dates Availability
June 7 – July 31, 2018
August 2 – September 25, 2018
September 27 – November 20, 2018 Reserve it!
November 22, 2018 – January 15, 2019 Reserve it!
January 17 – March 12, 2019 Reserve it!
March 14 – May 7, 2019 Reserve it!
May 9 – July 2, 2019 Reserve it!
July 5 – August 27, 2019 Reserve it!
August 29 – October 22, 2019 Reserve it!
October 24 – December 17, 2019 Reserve it!
December 19, 2019 – February 11, 2020 Reserve it!
February 13 – April 7, 2020 Reserve it!
April 9 – June 2, 2020 Reserve it!
June 4 – July 28, 2020 Reserve it!
July 30 – September 22, 2020 Reserve it!
September 24 – November 17, 2020 Reserve it!
Looking for dates in 2021 and beyond?
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Frequently Asked Questions about A History of Walls traveling exhibit

What is required to lock in our reservation?

A verbal commitment gets you started (we put the PENDING notification on the calendar), but we require a deposit and a signed hosting agreement to lock it in for sure. If you’re thinking about reserving a date, let us know and we’ll hold it for you until you can get approval for payment.

What if the dates I have available don’t match up with your calendar?

That’s totally fine. Just let us know what dates you’re looking for, and we’ll see what we can do. We’re often able to prorate the cost of the exhibit for durations other than those shown in our schedule. We understand that different places operate on different schedules and we want to be as accommodating as possible!

I’ve seen “Founding Institutions” listed on your exhibits before. What does that mean?

We like to recognize those that support our projects from the very beginning. So for the first 5 institutions that book the exhibit, we acknowledge their support by including them in the exhibit credits. It’s a small way of showing our gratitude for those that help to bring these exhibits to life!

Founding Institution status still available

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How does the exhibit travel?

This exhibit is shipped common carrier. Renter pays inbound shipping.

We’re not a museum, but we’d still like to host the traveling exhibit. Is that possible?

You certainly don’t have to be a museum to host the exhibit, or even a non-profit. So long as you have the space and meet the basic security requirements, you can be a valid host. Please send us a message letting us know your situation and we’ll get the process started!

I’d like to follow along on future projects that you’re building. What’s the best way to stay in touch?

That’s awesome. We’re glad you like what you see. We post a lot of in-progress photos on Facebook, so like us there to see what’s going on. Also, we’d love it if you would join our mailing list. We only send out the good stuff through there–we’re not fans of excess email. Just fill out this form and you’ll be in!