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A Deeper Understanding

Most exhibits don’t come prewritten and thoroughly researched; often, the pieces of the story exist in different places, waiting to be identified and synthesized into a larger whole. FHD will work with you throughout the research process to identify those pieces and weave them together into compelling, authentic interpretation.

Shape Your Story

No matter the size of your space or collection, your story deserves to be told. Whether its scope is broad or focused, we’ll work to shape the curation of your exhibit so that the story, with its surprising twists and compelling characters, is captured accurately and compellingly.

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Discovering a Voice

Imagine that your exhibit has a voice. What does it sound like? Together we’ll explore your organization’s history, culture, and audience, and craft an appropriate and compelling voice to meet your interpretive goals.

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Embrace Complexity

The world is a messy, confusing, complex place, so it’s no wonder that curating an exhibit can be, too. Instead of sanding down a story’s rough edges, we encourage our clients to embrace complexity in curation. Your visitors deserve to experience the full depth and breadth of the story you’re telling. Let’s tell that story together.