Should you hire us?

Not sure whether we’re the right group for your custom exhibit project? Here are a few characteristics that generally mean we’re a good match:

You appreciate top quality work

We don’t do cheap. Sorry. We’ve tried, and we just can’t compromise past a certain level of quality. So if you want time-honored quality, something that takes a patina with age and doesn’t look ready for the dumpster after two years, we’re probably on the same page. It just fits with our values.

You’re excited to create something great

We’ve worked on a ton of projects, and realize that life is too short to make mediocre crap. So if you’re passionate about your project and its impact on your world, even if that world is small or obscure, we’ll totally get into it with you. We love projects and people with an energy and a purpose. Life it too short to not have fun and do good work at the same time. If your only goal is to throw away our work after a single event, you’ll find plenty of people that will be a better fit for your project than we will be.

We’re not too far apart

FHD Region
This is how we define our region. Purple = 3hr drive, blue = 8hr drive, teal = 12hr drive

Our ideal clients are within a 10hr drive from our shop. Why? Well, it just makes everything easier from a logistics perspective. We like face-to face meetings and we like to bring our scale models and samples with us. Getting on a plane just makes it that much harder to bring stuff along. We’re absolutely capable of making the adjustment for the right project, we just prefer that as much of our time and your money as possible goes to creating the best project possible, not shipping our team and tools around the country. That seems wasteful, and wasteful is bad.

You appreciate low-tech solutions

Sure, we can do high-tech (we’ve got an in-house programming team and videographer/motion graphics designer, after all), but we don’t like to start there by default. Call us crazy, but we feel that the best projects in environmental design actually start with the built environment and good ol’ fashioned design. So we start there, and if the project calls for more screens we’re happy to amend the budget and make it awesome. We just look for low tech solutions first.

You like natural materials

We’re not afraid to say it–we like real materials with an honest quality to them. Oiled woods, raw steel, anodized aluminum. Things that require craftsmanship and time honored techniques. Of course plastics and gadgets have a place and we have plenty of experience working with all kinds. But a well oiled natural cherry finish makes our hearts sing. A solid steel sculpture anchors our soul. A sleek aluminum design excites our minds. We know we’re doing good work when the aroma from the shop is enjoyed like a fresh cup of coffee, not avoided like the stench of burning styrofoam!

Read more about our materials philosophy on the Upland website