Exhibit Design & Fabrication

We are Flint Hills Design; founded in 2008, we’ve built a reputation for clear, cogent communication of powerful ideas.

Flint Hills Design is a fully integrated interpretive design firm, with capacities spanning curation and industrial concepts, to fabrication and digital placemaking.

Whether you want to build an exhibit to travel across the country and back again, or create a permanent interpretive space to house artifacts and stories, Flint Hills Design will work with you from concept to opening to realize your vision.

We believe the world needs more museums. Let’s start a conversation about how to make your interpretive idea a reality.


Authentic & Delightful

Every project Flint Hills Design completes is built around three core principles: clarity, simplicity and authenticity. We research. We keep on top of design trends. We use what feels earned and discard the rest. We play.

The end result is an exhibit that feels both deeply authentic and wonderfully delightful.

We believe that, at its core, design is an act of communication, and that most museums communicate the full spectrum of human experience and emotion. We commit ourselves to embracing the unique spirit of each new project, and to conveying that spirit to your visitors.

Icon set designed for the Pikes Peak Hill Climb Experience.

PPHC Icons


The Heart of the Matter

We are storytellers. From conceptual drawings to storyline documents to finished, produced art and copy, our medium is story. It’s how we choose to tell that story that sets one exhibit apart from another.

At Flint Hills Design, we combine research with narrative to provide a multifaceted experience for museum patrons.

There should be as many approaches to museum curation as there are to fictional narrative. As storytellers, our job is to discern how the story itself wants to be told.



Your Museum, Built by Hand

Like most craftspeople, we at Flint Hills Design can trace our lineage back through a long line of teachers and artisans, folks who made things with their hands and their heads.

What we’ve learned is that the quality of materials and construction in an exhibit must be equal to the quality of the content.

This means we fabricate much of our exhibits in our workshop with the exacting care our mentors showed, and that our outsourced components are only of the highest quality.

Bison crate


Craftmanship Comes Home

Flint Hills Design is a full-service exhibit agency. That means that when the plans are finished, we roll up our sleeves and get to work building your museum.

We’ve built mountains in museums and recreated masterpieces on walls.

The challenges of exhibit installation are as varied as the content in our museums. A massive, fossilized skeleton? We’ll put it together. A tiny, priceless artifact? Our proprietary installation methods mean it’s displayed both beautifully and safely.


Knowing How is Half of Doing

We start by asking questions. We explore the space. We analyze the budget. We read the books and eyeball the artifacts, and in the end, we present a vision for a space that is uniquely suited to the materials at hand.

The best consultations marry what is possible with what is needed, the newest technologies with the most timeless design principles.

We’ve helped museums conceptualize everything from architecture to iconography, from color palettes to case design. Let’s start the conversation.

Marketing / Digital

Extending Your Reach

In terms of capacity and experience, Flint Hills Design is unique in the interpretive design world. We design for the physical and the digital, for in person and online.

As an integrated design firm, we can provide a digital presence to match and enhance your museum.

With apps in the App Store and websites for organizations from the large to the small, from corporate to nonprofit, our capacities allow for your museum to extend into the digital.


Signage / Print

Helping Patrons Find Their Way

At its core, design solves human problems. How do you get people from one place to another? How do you let them know that you’re there in the first place?

Wayfinding and signage projects are an opportunity, not just to direct, but to engage.

From the screen to the sign, Flint Hills Design makes signage that transcends the rectangle and tells a story.


Thank you.

From sweeping national institutions to small, focused exhibits, our cultural heritage is preserved and advanced by museums. Whether you choose to work with us or with another firm, we are first and foremost grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the essential work museums do in our communities. Thank you for considering us, and most of all, thank you for doing museum work, for protecting and furthering our shared culture.

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